Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The big cheese

I was eyeing up some cut price Hungarian Limburger in Lidl when I realised that stood next to me was my local Blacbury MP David "big cheese" Cameron. "You're certainly hungry" he joked looking at my croissant laden basket.

"I suspect you're looking for some blue cheese" I joked. "Or perhaps a cheese full of holes. Or one that leaves an unpleasant taste. Or something that spreads itself thinly and has no real substance."

"Shut it, Bogg" he snarled "or else I won't let my top team out to play at your pathetic little gathering this week."

But it turned into an historic occasion as I let Barkles off his leash and he went straight for Cameron's crotch. I think the hound approved. Dave looked so surprised that his fake tan nearly fell off.

Cameron was of course referring to BUBB's Tory summit this week where we will be pretending that the umbrella sector can shape the policies of the likely next government. All terribly optimistic of course as they don't actually have any.

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