Friday, 2 October 2009

Dreaming bad dreams

"You've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true." Captain Sensible. I am sure it was what Gordon Brown was trying to say in his piffle laden valedictory speech as PM and party leader at a Labour conference. But in many ways it is a perfect sentiment for my more outlandish projects and plans.

I am completely shattered following the conference and and reunion dinner on Wednesday at my old Oxford college, St Bolocs.

It was great to see James Purnell in Brighton looking resplendent in his tie. Though he would have looked smarter (but less attractive) if he'd put trousers, shirt and jacket on as well.

I was lucky that Hector Rule (who seemed to think that just because the conference was being held near his beach hut he could swan around in swimming shorts and vest), two eyes, one nose, eight fingers, two thumbs, one navel Geof Sachell and and the widely Fab Jobsworth were present. A well networked CEO always needs a strong team around him to hold his plate, refill his glass and ferry canapes. We were also assisted by Donald Holding, the sector's top headhunter, always on the look out for passing talent, the randy old goat.

And so from Brighton is was onto Oxford, naturally. It was great to catch up with all my old chums. Only 18 people said "who the hell are you?" and we recalled many happy hours spent forming the networks and bonds that would serve us all well when the cushy jobs were being allocated over the years. We gorged on swan though the wine was filth, and not nearly as good as I remember. Of course that didn't stop me drinking it by the bucketload and I woke up at 4pm yesterday on the staircase, still fully dressed. Still, it keeps me out of the office I suppose. Next stop Manchester.


  1. Reverend Bob Tosh6 October 2009 at 13:23

    Dear Robin

    As Chaplain to St Boloc's it has been my sad and often painful duty over many years to offer you spiritual guidance. Alas, following the events of Saturday night I can no longer in all conscience, remain in this role. Your reference to the Dean and what he tried to do when the Dagenham Girl Pipers performed at the May Ball, was, frankly, beyond the pale.

    You brought up this subject when we had all agreed that it should no longer be discussed in Hall (and when indeed all members of St Boloc’s have signed a confidentiality agreement regarding said incident). To do so while standing on a table and using a megaphone (stolen, I believe, from the Proctor’s Pantry) means that you have let me down, let St Bolocs down, but worst of all, let yourself down.

    Your friend in Jesus

    Rev. Bob Tosh

  2. But surely Jesus forgives everything. To be honest I was several thousand sheets to a very strong wind that evening and have little memory of the said incident. I don't usually show remorse for anything I do, indeed revel in upsetting applecarts. I can live with letting you down (God has let me down on many occasions). I can even handle letting myself down. But I cannot accept letting St Bolocs down. St Bolocs must never be let down but should always swing proudly, quickly and intelligently, like an academic rave.

    I apologise whole, well, half-heartedly.


    PS Speaking of the Proctor's Pantry, I didn't publicly mention that "other secret" between you and I did I Rev?

  3. ...How very dare you. The "other secret" to which you so impertinently refer must remain known only to you, me, Vera Lynn and the Band of the Royal Coldstream Guards.

    There are other, nobler reputataions at stake here than yours, Bogg!