Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A bad day for censorship

My efforts to suppress reporting on the time I dumped a consignment of stolen brollies in Africa have finally come to an end. For three years my lawyers Barter-Bucks have successfully bullied any media outlet which has tried to write about this. But thanks to some do-gooder bleeding heart liberal press banging on about freedom of speech, and a load of people with nothing better to do on Twitter, my anonymity has been blown.

The irony is that no one really cared about the original act and by going to such ends to keep it quiet I have only succeeded in drawing more attention to it.

But rest assured that any publications that have tried to stitch me up on this (mentioning no names the Blacbury Bugle) will find me less willing to provide quotes on brolly-related matters in the future.


  1. Seems they were protesting about this outside the Brolly Investment Business offices yesterday Robin?


  2. Fortunately I wasn't there. The chances of them finding me in either BIB or BUBB's office is pretty remote to be honest. Not when there are conferences and away days and meetings and launches and receptions.