Monday, 26 October 2009

Like observers at the scene of a car crash

Had a scrummy breakfast with a banker this morning. Croissants and kippers on the taxpayer. Obviously, as I have said many times, bankers are still Satan’s sneezejuice. But they shouldn’t all be tarred with the same brush and some, such as the ones buying me breakfast and sponsoring our conference, are not too bad.

But the most evil person on earth is surely Lotte Shight, head of the BBA (British Banking Apologists). She continues to defend the whole sorry shower and is operating way beyond her remit by heading a trade association and pig-headedly sticking up for her members’ interests whether they are to the benefit of the wider community or not. Something you would never catch BUBB or any other representative membership organisation doing. She says we should all “move on” from the banking shambles. “Move on?” We’re not sodding gypsies near a middle class market town.

All we need now is some economic analysis from the pampered, privileged numpties in the Royal Family. Then the giddiest of all the biscuits will truly have been taken.

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