Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I can't make my mind up about bankers

Some people make the mistake that brolly investment is all about large organisations but in reality it can have a powerful impact at a small, community level. Which is why despite no one being agreed on how it should operate, I am once again urging the government to get on with setting up the Umbrella Bank and calling on the private banks to release the hoards of unclaimed brollies they are sitting on. It would garner the evil bastards some positive publicity and would be peanuts in comparison to the bonuses they continue paying themselves. Still, you know what these bankers and City types are like. You wouldn’t catch me cosying up to them.

Had a splendid dinner last night at the arch-Conservative hang-out, the Blue Rinse Club….not often I get to dine out in such a right-wing hell-hole (a sign of the times you might think, as in make sure I am in with the soon-to-be-powers-that-be?)

Dinner was organised by my vice chair at BIB, the great Millicent Chegwin (former investment banker). Also there was My Great Aunt Maud MP (former investment banker) and loads of other City suits. I know, I know, I am unbelievable aren’t I?

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