Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Staffing issues

Another busy day at the Tory "promise the earth" summit. However, I have had to deal with an act of gross insubordination from Fab Jobsworth. He was caught in a rain shower while queuing to get through security and whinged on Twitter about it. He even had the cheek to moan about buying an emergency umbrella.

He is a silly sausage coming to Manchester without a brolly, and even then, should rejoice in the act of buying a new one. It's people's forgetfulness that keeps the spokes of the gamp industry opening. He will be punished in my usual way - a kind of water-boarding torture but involving heavy drizzle where the victim has to stand outside in the rain and plead for a brolly. I pretend I can't hear him for up to 7 hours after which time he is allowed back inside.

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