Saturday, 21 August 2010

Social mobility and Labour nonsense. And a break from blogging.

I have been speaking an unexpected amount of sense lately which is disconcerting. I was upset that Colin Carpetburn was made social mobility tsar, however. If anyone knows about social mobility (pub crawls, swanning from lunch to drinks party etc) it is me.

And I am proper pissed off that my protege God Megagrand seems to be discounting the role of the brolly sector in Labour's response to Bogg Society. He wants to remember that it was being Brolly Sector minister that put him on the path to where he is today (desperately trying to hang onto his brother's coat-tails in the leadership race). I am deeply upset that years of arse-licking by me has paid absolutely no dividends. Never trust a politician.

But due to my inability to say anything else controversial I will be leaving the blog alone for a week and heading off to a secret location to try and regain my unique mojo.

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