Saturday, 14 August 2010

A right old pickle

My old mucker, Derek Gherkins, is all over this Coalition government like a fat bloke in a deckchair.

After opening up the books of his government department so people could scrutinise the dietary records of anyone who had consumed over 500 pies, he has decided to scrap the Audit Commission, the public spending watchdog as "there will be no public spending left to monitor soon".

No doubt, there will soon be a Bogg Society initiative empowering citizens to monitor public spending themselves.

Derek has also had the genius idea of combining the CEO and council leader role to save local authorities money. Perhaps the people tasked with the new joint role could carry out their own audits as well to save further cash.

Derek's final area of saving is to outsource his department's IT consultancy needs by asking people on Twitter whether he should upgrade to internet explorer 8 from internet explorer 6. Needless to say, the advice he received back was extremely sensible and helpful (check #itpickles feed on Twitter).

If any more graphical analysis is required, Derek will quite happily illustrate the efficiencies through pie charts.


  1. Robin,

    What do you make of the Bogg Society Network? Is it good news for the Umbrella sector or placing a brand new organisation right at the top of the Umbrella tree, elbowing good people like yourself out of the way?



  2. John, as I said in post of 9 August:

    "I will just say I am not happy with the Bogg Society Network. Quite why we need another umbrella organisation beats me. Having more than one is bad enough."


    PS I would have welcomed it if they had asked me to chair it - for a small sum of course.