Monday, 9 August 2010

Getting on with it

Not much to report from me. I have been busy actually doing my job, engaging with members, speaking sense about cuts and Bogg Society and generally being unspoofable. As I move around London between meetings, whenever I get the chance I pop into a church: for a few moments reflection, but also because London churches are such a treasure store. You can pinch some lovely trinkets, stained glass, roofing materials and cushions as there is never anyone watching you.

I will just say I am not happy with the Bogg Society Network. Quite why we need another umbrella organisation beats me. Having more than one is bad enough.

And while I have been impressed by Cameron's straight talking and blatant disregard of factual accuracy in the rush to jerk his knee, I would offer him one tip. He needs to get himself a blog if he really wants to utilise the potential for on the hoof policy formulation. And gaffes. Then he will truly be the gaffer. While the foreign office have taken emergency measures to silence him with this, they'll find it is much harder to censor spontaneous online ill-considered reaction ramblings.

Speaking of which, I am sure normal service on that score will be resumed by myself soon.

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