Friday, 13 August 2010

Shower of shit

In many ways the perfect metaphor for our beloved government with its cuts and its excuses and its refusal to put umbrellas at the heart of reform.

The latest Bogg Society arsery came last night as Cameron empowered citizens to look to the heavens for inspiration as the government is no longer able to help. The Coalition have claimed credit for the meteor shower but were quick to say that if there was any damage caused it was a Labour legacy.

I didn't see a bloody thing at first then realised I had been looking in the wrong direction for an hour. I should have gazed up and not at the ground,

When I located them they weren't much to write home about so I have written to Rupert Murdoch. "Dear Rupe, I couldn't see the meteor showers properly. As they are Sky related I expect coverage in HD in future."

The other reason why they were hard to see was due to Cameron applying a cap on foreign bodies infringing "our" space. Therefore only 1 meteor an hour was allowed.

To cap it all (do you geddit?) I went outside in my socks to get a better view and stepped on a snail. But at least @BECKintl on Twitter has been able to turn my misfortune into a rather lovely little cartoon. Click here

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