Wednesday, 4 May 2011

AV fears

After misrepresenting how AV works when talking about tomorrow's referendum for how people choose umbrellas, I hope no one gets the idea that by using my blog yesterday to promote a political opinion I am in contravention of the Umbrella Commission's rules on campaigning. You know what they're like, especially after all of the fuss over the trade union thing.

Heaven forbid some pesky journalist at Canopy Finance or Brolly Weekly (I am less worried about Canopy Times) gets hold of this. Nobody breathe a word to the Umbrella Commission OK? We don't want the regulator to waste its time regulating.

It was only a personal opinion in my personal blog which I in no way ever use to promote my professional role, the views of BUBB or as a way of communicating with members.

I hope that is clear.


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