Sunday, 15 May 2011

Someone has pinched my packed lunch

It had couscous salad in it and everything. I bet this is some secret government plot to keep me on my toes and make me hungry as I continue putting in 98 hour shifts at the hospital. I am going to ask myself to conduct an independent review of my fellow workers' lockers.

Oh and a blog post I wrote about going on the Today programme and waffling on about competition not being a disease (I learnt this from a doctor - they are experts on diseases) and some other shite has disappeared from the internet. Or perhaps I never actually wrote it but just rehearsed in my head in the middle of the night what I would have written about coming over all coherent and vaguely authoritative on the radio had I actually been coherent and vaguely authoritative on the radio.

But I am not afraid to say that competition is essential to the long term future of the NHS. As in, you'll only get free treatment for a hernia if you win it in a spot the ball contest or get a hip replacement if your completed crossword is first out of the hat.


  1. Ha Ha Ha ! Oh Sir Robin, what larks ! That Sir Stephen Bubb should think that I might have some influence with MI5 - if I did a few people might have suffered the poison umbrella long ago!
    I would have thought that was much more his world than mine - all that oxbridge mafia stuff in the ( so called) corridors of power is rather alien to me. Like so many ordinary CEO's and charity workers I am far too busy getting on with the daily job of delivering frontline services to people in need, whilst also coping with the reductions in funding,to become embroiled in such things. Now if only there was an organisation with a CEO who could support those of us in this but sadly there only seems to be one with a CEO who is living in some rarefied existence with plenty of blue sky thinking and cloud consulting but very little idea of frontline reality - unless it is contained in some anecdote that a contact has passed on to him.
    There does seem to be some burning desire in some of these upper echelon charity people to be media luvvies raising their own profile for advancement rather than the good of the sector.
    Perhaps it is a bit like all the actors who want to be rock stars or vice versa. Never works out in the end.

    Sir Bumble of Heep

    ( As in "Sir Ian Moncrieff of that Ilk" and not Sir Bumble Heep - please do get it Right Sir S !!)

  2. Did my eyes deceive me ? Was that Sir S taking a slow stroll along the Strand yesterday afternoon ? Looking tired and tie-less, in deep conversation with a female companion. If so all I can think is that the whirlwind weekend of networking had really taken its' toll !
    Give it up and get back to the day job !!

    Sir Bumble of Heep.