Monday, 23 May 2011

DISASTER (Drowning In Sodding Acronyms Started To Eliminate Reason)

SMELLING A SHAM (Suddenly My Entire Life Lies In Needlessly Generating Acronyms - Stop Health Acronym Mayhem)

Was furious to learn that Private Eye have suggested that the only reason I have been asked to echo Cameron's views on competition in the NHS is because I am fiercely pro-competition and therefore can be relied upon to echo Cameron's views on competition in the NHS.

At least I have learnt how to cut and paste in Word which will be handy as it will save me retyping what the government has already decided when I am writing my report.

I am taking a break from my 128 hour shifts at the hospital and heading off on a jaunt round former Yugoslavian states with the fun loving party animal Pepe Ohdearie of EuCLUTS (European Committee of Leadership in Umbrella Technology and Sophistication). Knowing what Pepe is like I may be gone awhile but will try and post some pictures that at least give the pretence that I not just sitting around in cafes but working hard and that this visit is good value for my members and that what they do with gamps in the Balkans has any relevance in the UK.

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