Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Red Brolly Day - part 5 - the brolly Knights go into combat

Here at last is the final installment of the Red Brolly Day trove of umbrella pictures. I have been so busy working in the hospital (I am now up to 64 hour shifts) that I haven't had time to post them let alone blog every last conversation I have with a harassed doctor about my piles. But I am unstinting in my devotion to single-handedly saving the NHS (while getting a free vanity transplant at the taxpayers' expense) and would not seek to prove how hard I am working by blogging about it every 5 minutes.

I am sure my reward for my devotion to the government will come with a peerage, especially after I supported Cameron and single-handedly swung the AV referendum his way with my ill-judged-and-still-not-apologised-for-inaccurate-borderline-in-breach-of-regulations-political-campaigning blog post. Anyway, enough of this, on with the pictures.
First up is someone who many people have described as my nemesis - Sir Hubert Carrington of NCVO. Nemesis? How stupid. Folk do like to make more of things than is necessary. To call him a nemesis glamorises our relationship to an implausible level. Our mutual mistrust and dislike goes much deeper than that.
And secondly, here is a picture of my spoofer Sir Stephen Bubb, peering nervously around him before heading out into the rain, looking for all the world like a man who has never seen or used an umbrella before.

Although there is no truth to the accusation that this is the first time these 2 people have appeared together for the common good, as promised I will be donating a sum of cash (£29.99) to Gampic Relief (via Comic Relief) for these (and the earlier) photos I have been sent.

My problem is that I was going to try and squeeze it through BUBB expenses so I wouldn't actually have to pay for it but as I am not technically working there at the minute I am not sure I can get away with it.

I can't really add it to the NHS budget as such a sum on top of what they are paying me to legitimise Cameron's pre-determined butchery of the NHS could bankrupt it long before the private sector vultures start circling around the profitable bits.

I suppose I will have to pay the sum myself. Do my beloved readers need proof of my philanthropy? A picture of me holding a large cheque perhaps? If there is any positives from the cessation of cheques in 2018 it will be that such cliched photographs will thankfully be a thing of the past.

Or do you trust me? It's not as if I have been over defensive about expenses and payments in the past after all.

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  1. Sir Fruity Metcalfe11 May 2011 at 14:50

    My Dear Boggers

    Now as you well know we all trust you as far as we could throw Sir Stephen and Sir Hubert.

    So, unless you trouser up the full sum, in cash, (and provide photographic evidence of said trouser-up-ing)your already shaky reputation will be in tatters...

    Pip pip.

    Sir Fruity