Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bogging a dead horse

Have you noticed? Where has Bogg Society gone?

Last week marked the first anniversary of the coalition. They produced a paper listing all their achievements. I say paper, more like a post it note of the positive ones and a 1,500 page apology. But the term Boggsoc was strangely absent probably because all it has achieved is confusion.

Which is a shame really because BUBB launched its Commission on Bogg Society only yesterday. I love a commission , me. I am forever commissioning them. But I'd hate to think that all of the hard work we (members of my team) have put into this will result in nothing more than a launch and a lunch and then fall by the wayside as the government focuses on less hard to explain bullshit concepts.

The event went well. I took a break from my 114 hour shift at the hospital (snuck out when matron wasn't watching) to put in an appearance and spent most of the event blogging. I am a bit confused who exactly I am working for at the minute and cannot decide if I should offer poor value to the members who pay my wage or to the taxpayer who is funding my secondment to the NHS. Actually, I am being unfair to myself as I did spend all weekend working on NHS stuff by taking a break from bedpans and phoning the other people working on reports for Cameron screaming "Competition is crucial. And I'm going to produce my report first, you loser".

Even if Bogg Society does go down the pan and is flushed away, our initial report had some helpful stuff in it. By placing a huge focus on banks and social investment and lending brollies to damper communities it coincidentally ties in nicely with the stuff the Brolly Investment Business, which I chair, is involved in even though any suggestion that I am once again blurring my supposedly two distinct roles are of course merely mischief making.

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