Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Unfairly influencing the coming vote

The whole country is quite beside itself with apathy over the upcoming referendum on how we select umbrellas. Some people want to change from a system where people simply choose their favourite umbrella to a complicated system where second preferences have an influence if no brolly receives an overall majority meaning that we may end up with gamps that nobody wants. Or something like that, I haven't actually bothered to check it properly.

I get a message from my good friend in Australia about the Alternative Vote. I think I'm allowed to blog it even if I don't actually bother to check first whether it is true or not. Though it would be terribly embarrassing if it was found to be a highly misleading tale about someone called Robyn Holding (any relation to Donald I wonder) whose brolly gained an unfair advantage through PR not AV.

But you will make up your own mind I'm sure! After all it would be wrong of me to try and influence my members, especially by using dodgy evidence through a work blog. Though it will come as no surprise that I want to retain FPTP, solely on the basis of loving tradition and all that. It is only by clinging on to systems that don't work for reasons of sentimentality that I have any chance at all of making the House of Lords.

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  1. What would be amusing is if someone posted a comment picking me up on my lack of research by citing Wikipedia, which is always reliable and never wrong