Saturday, 16 April 2011

Red Brolly Day - part 3 - the next generation

I am all for developing talent within the umbrella sector as long as it doesn't expect to take my job. Having a decent youth policy is the second best way of ensuring top quality leadership - the first being using a headhunter such as, I don't know, Donald Holding for example. Therefore I was delighted to see 2 young stalwarts taking part in my Red Brolly Day fundraising challenge. First up we have Mini HaHa, son of Ronnie HaHa, marketing and business development wonk at Casa (Cockney Area Shelter Association) (@zoeamar). He is also the nephew of former Umbrella Commission weaver of gamp fabric, spinning silk brollies out of sows' ears, Shhhhhhhh HaHa, so clearly umbrella nous oozes in the family. Second up is Bobby Tundra Jr, son of Northern social enterprise guru and strawberry "phillip" blond advocate Bobby Tundra (@TheSocBiz). He bleeds Leeds so much it literally stains his Liverpool shirt. The future is bright with such childish vigour and getting them young means they can be brainwashed and rainwashed into obeying orders and toeing the official (ie. my) line. Everybody wins (ie. I do).

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