Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fooling around

Friday morning saw me let loose on the Gampdian website for an hour doing a live Q&A. This wasn't an April fool's gag, it really did happen. See here for the evidence. I would like to thank Rabid Thrills for giving me the opportunity. However, I did see one rather daft April fool's joke in Canopy Times that said I had been made a Liberal Democrat peer. Actually thinking about it, that's a bloody good idea. Much like the Lib Dems I will do whatever it takes to gain power even if it means selling my principles down the river. Someone who shall remain anonymous (but let's just say he is a research guru at NCVO called Earl Scalding) has sent me this which would also have made a great April fool's joke. Quite how he discovered this I am not sure. I know NCVO's Brolly Sector Almanac is the ultimate in gampornography but this is ridiculous. What sort of research was he doing? I hope he wasn't researching mother's day pressies. If I had been going to do my own April fool's gag I would have said that BUBB had been appointed to run the entire government. And even as I was typing it out I would have convinced myself that it was actually true. I would also have talked about Geof Sachell's internationally recognised policy nous (ha ha ha) and said that I had sent him to Cambridge to recruit some staff just to wind people up. But no one would have fallen for that. Cambridge? No way. It would have to be Oxford, naturally. Or I would use Donald Holding, headhunter extraordinaire. The whopping commissions he gains due to my endorsements won't pay themselves you know.

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