Thursday, 7 April 2011

Red Brolly Day - the money shots part 2

Next up we have the self styled Boggettes, a jolly quartet of BUBBly vivacious minxes from the Brolly Investment Business. They are led by Quic Loans (@navigatornic), communications officer. Also in the picture are saxy website bird John Coltrane (cj_parker), Dib-Dab (@auntie_debs) and Spam Towelling (@saminus). I say they work at BIB. However, it looks like they spend most of their time fooling around. Obviously, BIB has an ineffective management structure and a weak chair. Or perhaps the chair isn't paid enough to worry about staff mucking about. But he should worry- especially about Quic. She needs a beady eye kept on her.


  1. Well Sir Robin I assume that you were not one of those prevented from "schmoozing" with the PM DPM and Health Minister yesterday morning by the train problems ?
    Heaven forbid that anyone should miss out on getting in on a photo opportunity due to someone dying by falling in front of a train and bringing the network to a halt !

    Don't these inconsiderate people realise that they not only cause delays but prevent (self) important people boosting their ego by being seen in the right place at the right time and pretending they have some sort of influence ?

    There must be a wonderful staff at Bubb Towers keeping things running as it would appear that the CEO is rarely ever there !! Well worth the salary (Members Fees) ? I think not !!

    No sign of abstaining from anything during Lent then ? Drinks, dinners, lunches etc - keep 'em coming !

    Sir Bumble of Heep.

    Has anyone considered the potential insurance costs to charities in taking on NHS work etc - what do claims for malpractice etc run at these days ? Couple of million ?
    Bad enough having to pay out at employment tribunals when things go wrong ! soon be depleting the reserves !!

  2. Sir Robin Bogg8 April 2011 at 09:46

    You have pre-empted my own post. Careful or people will assume we are the same person and I use you as a way of posting comments to my own blog!

  3. Bubb's Shadow8 April 2011 at 10:11

    The Third Sector paper this week revealed that Acevo will get £280,000 funding from the Govt in 11/12. Great! So our tax is funding Bubb galavanting around the world on his wine tasting and greasy networking trips

    Maybe the PM & DPM should have thought a bit more about some of the cuts they have made when they fund this organisation to such a degree ? Just a thought ....