Friday, 22 April 2011

No time to blog

I have been that busy in my new health role that I haven't had time to blog about being that busy in my new health role that I haven't had time to blog about how busy I am in my new role. These 18 hour shifts are a killer. But if I had have been blogging I would have denied strongly that Cameron has deployed me to try and destroy the NHS from within to make it easier to sell off the profitable debris to the private sector while pretending that he did listen to everyone's concerns. Soon, window dressing will be the only dressing you can get on the NHS and the only service for the poor will be lip service. Got to go. These bed pans won't empty themselves.


  1. Sir Robin,
    Would you care to comment on the news this week that the House of Lords this week told the PM that they were full and no more passengers wanted !
    Where does that leave those who didn't get the final shove up the stairs last time round ?
    I mean now that some have taken on the Governments propaganda work for them in the hope their efforts will be "recognised" eventually - where does this leave them now ?
    Any chance of handing back the 30 pieces of silver ( so to speak ?. ) Note the Easter reference there !
    Signs arising that the membership are not happy and think someone is speaking with forked tongue
    - supposedly on their behalf !!

    Sir Bumble of Heep.

    PS I note that it was thought that Lord A is "shy and retiring" is that a sign that someone thinks he might be more deserving of a seat on the top deck than Lord A is ??

  2. Yes, how shocking that the House is full.! But I'm sure there is always room for the deserving.....