Friday, 15 April 2011

A new role

Following my constant bleating about the role of umbrellas in the reforms of the NHS David Cameron has suggested I work as a porter at a hospital for 2 months. This will be a 2 month role and will involve making sure there are enough umbrellas available to shelter patients when they go from one building to another in the rain. I have had to take a break from my BUBB duties and the trustees agreed (a bit too happily in my opinion). And Dr Hector Rule has been wondering around like the cat whose got the cliche as he will be acting CEO in my absence. Or to put it another way, doing what he usually does but getting full credit for it. I have already decided to organise a dinner for fellow NHS staff - getting people together and eating and drinking and chatting is crucial to the future of the NHS. As long as we're not expected to eat the shite that the patients have to. There are limits.

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