Monday, 29 November 2010

Rock on, Dame Luci, you hip leather-clad groovy jive talking Quango Queen of brolly cool, baby

Fantastic to wake up on a frosty morning, putting the croissants in the oven. And then after employing cookery/food based innuendo, to eat some warm French pastry and then spot the front page of The Times. The Chair of the Umbrella Commission (Dame Luci Vinyl) warning someone about something. Yeah, baby, yeah, right on sister, you hipster chick. You tell those uncool cats where they can get off, you dig? They just don't get it do they, the squares.

It is great to have the Chair of our regulator speaking up for brollies and asserting the role and importance of the sector. Anyone would think that was part of her job. Speaking truth to power is at the core of our task. Apart from when it is better to exaggerate stuff to meet our own agenda. And whilst I for one will always assert the vital mission of umbrellas I will also have no fear in reminding governments when they get things wrong. Which let's face it is pretty much all of the time. As long as it doesn't stop me getting that peerage.

So rock on, Dame Luci, we need you! Keep it real, yeah, you fab young thing. And when we see the inevitable smear stories emerging about you let's ensure our sector makes clear it's support for you, in public at least, and doesn't privately agree with/help spread them if it suits us. This is not the times for ducking behind fences or running for cover. Unless it is raining

PS I reserve the right to slag off Dame Luci and the Umbrella Commission if required at a later date. And I am available to run any smear stories on my blog, unattributed, for a small fee should the situation arise.

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