Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Back from the brink

Rumours of my retirement were greatly exaggerated (by me mainly). I have in fact been ill hence a week of blog silence. I was out for lunch with Dame Luci Vinyl and Gamp Danger of the Umbrella Commission last week. As we were discussing huge cuts to their budget, which could well mean redundancies, it is entirely appropriate to boast about eating great food while doing so. We were at a social enterprise restaurant which is the sort of place the aforementioned Commission staff may be forced to work at washing dishes to keep them off the streets very soon.

The beetroot risotto was to die for. Literally. Seconds after eating it I contracted cholera and went home to die. Well, I say cholera. It wasn't proper cholera, just man-cholera. But I have spent the week in bed anyway, hiding in embarrassment at the very idea I could even joke about cholera given what is happening in Haiti.

But now I am back, larger than life (assuming life is under 5 foot 2) and ready to have my appraisal as chair of the Brolly Investment Business, accuse umbrella granting foundations of ruining the planet and to upset my staff by not doing my job properly. But more of that later. This lingering man-cholera won't nurse itself.

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