Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Official; BUBB whinges louder than others!

Great to be back from my holiday in the curry house though I feel bleary eyed and sore - almost as if I had been on an 11 hour overnight flight. Even greater to get an email confirming BUBB's status as the best stalker in the umbrella sector.

The Guardian have launched a "Who's Stalking" site. The site opens with an analysis of who is hounding ministers.

We come in at number four after CBI, LGA and TUC. But what's amazing is that BUBB has a fraction of the resource of these guys and much less money to spend on fine dining. Yet we compete on the strength of our top team (me) and my ability to network like hell and get others to pay for canapes and fizz. Governments have no choice but to talk to a body that comes at the relentlessly with ideas and answers whether it wants to listen or not. Not whinges.

And it says a great deal about my constant whinging on a number of key brolly policy matters that I now feel able to say I am very proud of my staff and my great policy and strategy team even if we all know that really it is all down to me. Forgive the gloating, but suck my fat one Sir Hubert...

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