Monday, 29 November 2010

Glamour and gampour

It was a glittering affair. The Guampian Public Sector Brolly Awards (I had been one of the judges). I'm a terrible fidget at these things. Hardly in my seat for the first course before off to work the other tables looking for leftovers.

Had a good chat with My Great Aunt Maude. Then spotted my magnificent vice chair, Miss Social Enterprise 2005-2010, Hillda Ogden-Newton&Ridley ensconced on one of the top tables with some important people including a grand designer chap whose name escapes me but is frightful. And famous. (First rule of namedropping. Try and at least have a name to drop or else it looks a bit desperate).

Lots of my members there looking glamorous. Indeed gamporous. One was spreading delicious gossip, and I am sure he won't mind the irony of me spreading delicious gossip about him spreading delicious gossip.

I had arrived late so missed the free fizz though I expect it was cheap rubbish. Even though the public sector faces a really tough period they should still make sure I am able to blag proper champagne. I have a hypocritical image to maintain.

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