Saturday, 6 November 2010

Having a lamb madras

In the 18th Century 2 of my Irish ancestors William and Paul Peat-Bogg (a family who live their lives in Limerick form) were peckish and fancied a spicy meal.

But the place to eat curry while pissed
In Ireland did not yet exist
So they got on a ship
And took a long trip
To seek food they couldn't resist

What is the point of this?

Well, in their honour, I am currently having a right tasty lamb madras, having decided to go on holiday to my local curry house in East Lambeth, the Khybosh, where Boggwallahs are catering for my every whim. It was my birthday yesterday this year I celebrated in style by going out for 26 pints and a ruby then just stay put for as long as I can eating spicy food until my stomach gives way and a Bogg is damaged in more ways than one.

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