Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Gordon Brown moment

I have spent the least week gadding about, eating lunch, and calling various people wonderful in my blog. I do hope that if I accidentally name someone in a post without an arse licking simpering prefix they don't assume it is because I don't think much of them.

At one meal I was grateful to my charming and glamorous vice chair, Hillda Ogden-Newton&Ridley, for telling me I had sat down to eat with my lapel mike still on. The whole room was being treated to the sound of Bogg munching couscous. Thankfully I was so busy troughing, my comments to the other people on my table saying "Sir Hubert is such a brolly bigot he wouldn't acknowledge an umbrella if it opened up his arse" came out as "jksdhfkj kjshkdhf hkjsdh k hic burp sjhdjh".


  1. I'm sure that you won't adopt your spoofer's practice of removing comments that cast you in a bad light. I am thinking of 3 comments highly critical of Bubb's self-regarding rubbish, posted as a result of finally driven over the edge by his posting in which he described conducting an appraisal in one of Westminster's greasy spoon caffs. Humility (which Bubb thinks is a sandwich paste made from chick peas)prevents me from suggesting that all 3 of the deleted comments dsiplayed shrewder thinking and better use of English than his increasingly deluded witterings!

  2. I cannot comment on my spoofer's policy on comments though do know he has allowed critical/sarcastic comments before - the one on his 26 November post "Adieu Leeds" for example.

    What did you say re Dr Hector Rule's appraisal (I say appraisal, it was more me saying "you ain't getting my job yet, sunshine. Now buckle down and keep writing sensible articles on Bogg Society so I don't have to") in a Subway near Westminster tube?

    I didn't post the story about the appraisal originally because it might have seemed that bragging about using BUBB funds to conduct something in a posh nosh house that could easily have been done somewhere a lot more reasonably priced (those foot long meatball subs aren't cheap, even on a meal deal) might be inappropriate, especially when I am constantly decrying cuts in funding to the sector.

    In fact, I knew I might roux the day if I ever posted that story...

  3. The spirit of openness (to be confirmed later this week by Wickedleeks), running right through the sector's key bodies prevents me from telling you (or even bothering to remember!) the content of the comments on the alternative site. Suffice to say their removal when they contained neither blasphemous, libellous nor even especially controversial content - and no naughty words - suggests that Bubb's personal threshold for adverse commentary stops him from undergoing appraisals - except in the snug of his 'local' The Dog and Dipstick.

  4. I left the first of the 3 deleted comments on the "alternative "site and was pleasantly surprised that it acted as the spur for others to do the same. The arrows obviously struck home judging by the speed at which the comments were removed ! I simply said it was outrageous to do an appraisal at Roux ( average cost of lunch for 2 is £70 - without wine) when many were undergoing cuts. Who was paying ? the membership ? How unprofessional to do an appraisal in a public place ! I had been a member of ACEVO but promised myself never to re-join whilst such a self serving, pompous social climber was at the head of the organisation , using it for his own ends !How come his trustees or membership allow him to get away with this rubbish ?
    Uriah Heep and Mr. Bumble are alive and well !!
    Much of the technology he lauded HFT for has been pioneered by alarm companies and is in use in housing and care charities already.
    If he stepped down from his gilded cage and got down on the frontline more often he would be better informed. Let's hope someone stages a coup whilst he is in Scotland for (another!) week away !!

  5. There were 484 further comments along similar lines but I have deleted them all

  6. I wouldn't be too eager to call for a coup as his Deputy is merely a younger version of the fool.

    Re the cost of the "infamous appraisal lunch" at Roux, yes the membership would stump up and then Bubb will kick up a fuss if he has to publish his exp0enses (remember last tiem?). And don't expect the trustees to apply any governance since they're snouts are in the same trough