Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Back from Scotland

Arrived back safely from snowy Scotland. While I was staying near Balmoral I had hoped to get a glimpse of Prince Charles and Camilla in their rolls Royce. Why I was even planning to playfully poke horseface with a stick but they were busy in London apparently at some night out at the theatre.

Glad I missed all of the student protests. Being one who benefited from a free privileged education at Oxford, naturally, I am appalled by Cameron's stance on this. The fees should be much higher to ensure that the system of networks and connections is maintained as it is and doesn't allow any people who can't misquote Latin to sound clever have a sniff at the reins of power.

And the suggestion that police be able to use water cannons is extremely worrying, especially to protesters who choose to bring an umbrella with them to smash things.

My break leaves me much refreshed and ready for the pre Xmas networking orgy though my relaxation was nearly undone by some preposterous nonsense written by Gobby Pervert in the Times about smaller umbrella being victimised by bigger ones. I was so angry I dashed off a text message to the Times which they printed.

Wtf Gobby? U r talking crap (:-(

That'll show her.


  1. Would you by any chance have some young relatives that you would like to "advertise" on your site in exchange for a few bottles of cider and a steaming pile ?

  2. Thanks for this - doing the joke so I don't have to.

    Still might anyway. I have some right fruity nieces who need whoring out to earn their keep.