Thursday, 16 December 2010

Whoring out my nieces

A great day yesterday! I had lunch with Hillda-Ogden Newton&Ridley and hatching plans to stop Dylan Twirley and his nonsense about not criticising Bogg Society. The man is a menace. If we can't empower ourselves to volunteer to criticise this rubbish, who will?

Still, it is Xmas so I am prepared to forgive and forget and toast everyone - you get through more fizz that way (on expenses, naturally). We even managed a toast to my spoofer Stephen Bubb who we decided is a national treasure. In the same way Ann Widdecombe is. Mind you if I think that flattering those who take the piss out of me is going to soothe their savage and merciless satire, then I think I may be wrong as I am sure the next part of this post will prove.

It was my sister's birthday yesterday as well. We all headed of to KFC for a family sized bargain bucket, then all got pissed and started singing carols in the street. And as it was a family do, what better excuse to post some grainy pics of my relatives?

I love my nieces but they need to make some proper connections and get married to some decent money. If Katie Middleton can do it why can't a Bogg?

So here are some saucy pics of them. If you are interested then get in touch with me and we can sort out a price.Add Video
WARNING: Pictures may not be accurate. Try this one if you want a more accurate shot.

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