Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Another break - If I recharge these batteries any more they'll need a wittier end to this sentence

Well, as the snow started thawing in London I buggered off to the Highlands, where there's shitloads of it, just lying there, taunting umbrellas with its white cold rain status. I'm staying at Boggendarroch just outside Boggeter on Royal Boggside for a week of rest, reading, recharging batteries and vigorous wa[]king! I have been networking that much that I need a week of relaxation before the Xmas party season kicks in. As I said last year, I want to be on top form for the BUBB festive office shindig as my arse won't photocopy itself.

I hope no one is totting up the time I have been out of the office recharging my batteries this year, but if I put any more effort into recharging my batteries I will need a break to recharge my recharging batteries batteries.

Here are some pics:

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