Sunday, 31 October 2010

Health and the Hartleys

Had to head off to Blacbury yesterday to have my annual health check. All is fine despite rumours that I am dying to get into the House of Lords. I did pop into the cemetery. It's a beautiful quiet spot and the autumn colours were remarkable in the glorious sun yesterday. These things are very important when you are dead. I would hate for any noise to disturb me or the view to be rotten. Not that I shall be buried there. I have requested that my skin be turned into a the canopy for an umbrella, with spokes and handle constructed out of my bones.

As despite my unhealthy lifestyle my check up went well I had a good check up, I popped into one of my favourite local pubs, the Bullshit, for a pint of special brew and soup.

I must say it looks lovely in David Cameron's constituency. Which is nice for him as he can completely forget about the real wold and how shite it is going to look nearly everywhere else in the next couple of years.

I even had time for a spot of fishing. A little known fact (until I blab it all over my blog). One of my brilliant (hoodwinked) BUBB Trustees is the granddaughter of JR Hartley and she invited me along to the river with her family for a spot of fly fishing.

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