Monday, 4 October 2010

Patronising old people

Eventually got back back from Manchester and did some radio stuff about Hermann Rockes' moral index for brollies rubbish. I have made my 486 year old Great Aunt Maud famous now by citing her right to give brollies to donkeys if she wants to be a senile old deluded bat who values legacy rich donkey brolly organisations as more worthy of her donations than people in need of proper shelter.

Incidentally, it was the UN's Patronise Old People as a Wrinkled Burden Day last week. It is disgraceful how we treat old people. We should make use of them. We should whore them out as soundbites in radio debates to make a point, like I do.

Or possibly we should just put them out to grass in the human equivalent of donkey sanctuaries when they become past it. I know that is what Hector Rule is insinuating with his "New Generation - Time for a Change " banner that he has put up in the office. I'd take it down if I had the strength but I need a lie down and a decent cuppa and to listen to the Archers and anyway I can't read it so it doesn't bother me that much and I said to Elsie, do you know Elsie? Her from number 68. Well anyway, where was I, I am 58 years young you know. I think...."

Next stop - the Tory smugfest in Birmingham. And I reckon I may have a few things to say to Gnat Pee about Bogg Society.

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