Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Awaiting the CSR

The new CEO of the Umbrella Commission is shaping up well. In a speech two days ago it is reported that Gamp Danger said:

"The umbrella sector should be encouraged by the sentiment emanating from government that the affairs of brollies are climbing the political agenda blah blah blah.”

Spot on. A message BUBB has been making for years. I suspect that this is in no small part down to a "visit" that Fab Jobsworth and Geof Sachell made to see Gamp a couple of weeks ago, reminding him of his responsibilities.

Obviously a shrewd man Mr Danger, who has a fond regard for his own health, though he does illustrate the old adage that like policemen, Umbrella Commission chief executives are getting Younger all the time.

So we await the CSR! The Canopy Shredding Review. Cancelling Shelter from Rainfall. There will be pain for umbrellas, that much is clear.

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