Wednesday, 20 October 2010

How many Boggs does it take to change a light bulb?

Been a busy few days. I have spent most of it in a wine addled fog. I managed to fall off a chair changing a light bulb and I find vino the perfect anesthetic.

Enjoyed a speech by my old mate Derek Gherkins. He does bang on about localism a lot, which is ironic given his size. He actually deliberately makes rash policy pronouncements as he is keen to try eating humble pie. And Cameron always uses him in cabinet meeting discussions to add weight to an argument

Other things you may not know about him include that his surname used to be Gherkin but he changed it when it became clear he needed to refer to himself in the plural. He is an MP in a safe seat which is ironic given the constant danger his sofa is in when he sits on it. And to calculate his own circumference he uses a mathematical formula involving pie.

Last week we also had our board away day. I find the best way to prevent my trustees from questioning what I am up to is to get them pissed so we enjoyed a wine tasting the night before. Everyone was shedded which meant that the next day they just went along with what I said in the hope I would shut up and let them get back to their hangovers.

And I went to Bristol. And came back again. Nothing funny happened.

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