Thursday, 14 January 2010

Unmasking my spoofer

At No. 10 yesterday morning - and who said I am not discrete in my blogs (nobody did, they said I wasn't discreet) so I am not revealing who I met or what we talked about but I thought it absolutely necessary to drop in the fact about where what I am not talking about happened. Which was No. 10. Downing Street. Impressed?

And it was amusing as I was leaving to meet various cabinet ministers . I walked out with a couple tucked under my arm and took them back to BUBB's office where they are now being held hostage until they promise to include some pledges that they can later break or not honour on the umbrella sector in Labour's election manifesto.

I have also made an important discovery regarding my spoof blogger. Regular readers will be aware that someone going by the name of Stephen Bubb regularly parodies my own blog, indeed even sometimes foreshadows what he thinks I am going to write about. There has been much debate about who this mystery wag is. I have always assumed that it must be someone with a razor sharp mind so it was a shock to realise that it is probably an Australian lawyer.

I also felt that it must be someone with an intimate knowledge of the issues and politics of the brolly scene. Follow this link to see the culprit. The clue (other than the name) is in his areas of expertise. Sure, property law, commercial law, wills, estates etc don't offer much of a hint but "water trading"? I rest my case.

I am now off to the BUBB AGM to see if I can blag another year out of this job. Full report later.

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