Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back at the metaphorical workplace

So it's back at the coal face for 2010, or twenty ten, or whatever we're supposed to call it. If everyone just says "this year" for now that would help. The coal face is an apt metaphor for what we face in the umbrella sector this year. Working hard for little reward, left in the dark while all around us closes, coughing and spluttering our way through life.

I am gong to resist the usual predictions: the papers are full of them as I said they would be. But an interesting discussion with the [INSERT 2 COMPLIMENTARY ADJECTIVES HERE] chief executive of London Gamp Recycling (he doesn't bring anything new to his role, just does what he has always done) as we went round Brockwell Park on our heelies made me think about putting down some markers about what to expect in 2010. Or to put it another way, make some predictions.

The economy may be recovering, boosted by the likely increased spend in glossy expensive pre-election spin, but the effects of recession will continue to bite hard on brollies.

To present it pictorially, look at the following triptych of images. These pictures were taken over the course of a week and depict the quite appalling conditions that some umbrellas have to endure.

Brolly abandoned, then moves a little bit, then has a bottle of water. And now it has gone. (I don't have a picture of this but use your imagination).

I am not sure what the precise metaphor is here but I know there is one and BUBB's role this year will be making sense of ever more elaborate linguistic devices to get our increasingly muddled message across in the noisy pre-election lobby decibel heightened noisefest.

Like the disillusioned worker when heavy snow is forecast, I am looking forward to getting stuck in.

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