Monday, 31 January 2011

Anyone bullying my members will have me bullying them

A shocking story in the Sunday Times which suggests that the Government have reviewed the contract of Umbrella Commission chair Dame Luci Vinyl because "we don't like the Labour supporting quango queen".

"We want to see a different approach at the Umbrella Commission and an end to the politically motivated statements," said a politically motivated government source.

Well, just you dare sack her. Luci has the confidence of the sector. We applaud her for speaking about how cuts are damaging brollies. That is her job. She is not a government stooge. That is my job. Or will be once I get the peerage.

I shall be seeing my Great Aunt Maud and Rick T'Hurd later and shall ask for a denial. Which they will give me, even if the story is true. We need to beware. As things start getting nastier we can expect more attacks from unnamed sources. The snide remarks about big umbrellas are but the start. Next there will be knee-jerk reaction and potentially defamatory unsubstantiated statements about people made in blogs. If they've got any sense that is. Has always worked for me.

But members will always be able to rely on BUBB to speak out. Any members who have any pressure applied should contact me. I'll be watching this one carefully and will personally kick sevens shades of shit out of anyone I suspect of damaging brollies or threatening our sector's reputation. Or at the very least I will write a letter to the local paper in which I express mild anger. You want some, government? Hey? You want some? You want a piece of me?

Watch this blog over the next few weeks if you want to see my inevitable descent into a maelstrom of entrenched paranoia as I become increasingly convinced that the government's agenda is forming around the sole desire to attack umbrellas and annoy me. It could be messy.


  1. Well my oh my !
    Has the worm turned at last ?
    Since the knighthood was announced the simpering and fawning to the "elite" seems to have fallen by the wayside!!!
    Now it's all "Attack, attack I am your sector champion, no really I am"
    Wouldn't be a case of "I got what I wanted by fawning and crawling, so now you can bugger off as I'm not playing your game any more" would it ?? Sir Bumble of Heep

  2. Sir Fruity Metcalfe2 February 2011 at 13:15


    when you see Aunt Maud, may I suggest that you invite her to "Come into the Garden"?

    That is a celebrity grudge match that I, for one, would pay good money to watch...