Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My career exposed as a sham

I have now read the full transcript of the oral evidence session held by the Public Gampstration Select Committee.

It is deeply depressing, especially for me personally. On pretty much every issue which the brolly sector has been fighting over the last few years in order for us to modernise and better shelter those who need us, MPs are saying shocking things. The depth of the prejudice and the length of the stereotype would be laughable if it wasn't for the fact it makes me look like a right arse.

I have based my whole career and its perceived success on the fact that I have maintained good links with the powers that be and decision-makers in government. I have justified much gratuitous schmoozing and networking on the grounds that I have the ear of those that matter. I have blogged at length about how it was BUBB that influenced crucial policy. And it turns out that they haven't been listening to a single thing I have said. I may as well have been talking to myself on issues such as the right for brollies to be used in campaigning by having slogans on them.

And what worries me even more is that if it becomes common knowledge that it has all been a sham there may even be calls for my Knighthood to be rescinded.

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