Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sir Hubert gets publicly spanked

Ha ha ha ha. While it was frustrating that as usual the Public Gampstration Select Committee concentrated on the stale bollocks arguments about state funding of umbrella meaning brollies are essentially nationalised, it was bloody hilarious that they gave Sir Hubert a hard time about how much he gets paid. He effectively had his braces undone, trousers lowered and arse spanked by self righteous MPs waffling away without any credible knowledge of what they are talking about on the taxpayers' time while drawing a nice salary to boot. Still, that's what happens if you choose to be open and transparent about salaries and expenses and things. Far better to keep quiet and hope no one notices as the MPs know only too well.

Still, at least Sir Hubert has joined me in asking for the bollocks of bankers to be handed over on a platter. When the two sector Knights (I am the other one, in case you didn't know because I am not mentioning it) call on the banks to help shelter the poor from being pissed on from a great height then they should listen because we are terribly important.

I had a meeting with Lotte Shight of the British Banking Apologists this week as well. I was shitting myself as I have been very rude about her and her members in the past from the comfort of my blog (I am as nice as pie to her face). As well as putting salt in my coffee, leaving a whoopee cushion on my seat and giving me the stalest croissants, she also indicated that the Bogg Society Bank will not be as big as I want. She commented that bankers didn't get where they are today by simply handing money over to help people just because jumped up Knights (that's me, in case you had missed me not mentioning it) say so.

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