Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More attacks on brollies

What is going on? Another attack on umbrellas in The Times letters column, this time from a Conservative MEP, Snide Camel. People like Camel give me the right hump. This is beginning to look like a concerted campaign to attack the brolly sector for daring to speak out about cuts in state funding taht will hamper their ability to provide shelter for the dampest members of society. Or it could just be the random witterings of a desperate and deluded out of touch MEP wanting his 15 minutes. But it's more fun to suggest a conspiracy theory.

What is chilling about this letter, apart from the fact that it is written in camel's blood, is that it reveals that some politicians clearly have the view that Bogg Society is in fact about the withdrawal of state funding for shelter. Even though the Prime Minister has been explicit in his view that it isn't (even though between you, me and Lord Gnat Pee, it is).

Camel says, "the attacks on Bogg Society from some umbrella leaders...(perhaps he means me, actually no perhaps about it, he must mean me, I am the only one worth reading on this)...stem from their unwillingness to accept greater responsibility without money from the State in return." No they stem from Bogg Society being a pile of old shite. And does he think umbrellas go out and get soaking wet for the love of it, without receiving anything in return? Apparently, according to someone suckling at the teat of the State and milking the taxpayer, many brollies need to be weaned off State dependency.

The whole ideological muddle of Camel's argument underpins the confusion at the heart of Bogg Society, not least among those representing the State. If his are the best arguments around the issue of the State withdrawing then the State should withdraw from making arguments about the State withdrawing.

The truth is that the politicians who seem to delight in attacking brollies are unlikely to win over the masses. The public trust umbrellas. Pick a fight with us by all means but we will simply batter you round the head with our ducks head handles and ram the pointy spike bit up the place that you talk out of.

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