Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Good to get away, good to get home

Gorgeous, magnificent, stunning, majestic. All of these adjectives and more can be used to describe my break in Scotland. Not the scenery, that was pretty average. Once you have seen one loch with a mist flecked Munro skulking in the distance you have seen them all as far as I am concerned but the weather was superb. Rain. All manner of rain. The full gamut of precipitation from light drizzle to torrential downpour. A real test for my brollies but they coped admirably.

I was going to post some photos but my camera was acting up. Plus, as we all know there is nothing more boring than other people's holiday snaps.

It was a bit of a gathering of the Bogg family and we had a whale of a time. Highlight must have been when we all got wankered on supermarket blended whisky and did some involuntary dancing on the cliffs. I swung my niece around with gay abandon and there was nearly a major incident when she went spinning off the edge but she survived the drop with minor bruising.

It just goes to show that we British lead the world when it comes to inclemency of weather. And on my homeward journey, gazing out of grimy, rain streaked windows as my train jolted through the earthier Glaswegian suburbs while swigging a Tennants Super was most agreeable. I got into conversation with a local film maker and asked him for his views on how the public perceives umbrellas. The conversation that followed only reinforced my view that we need a national campaign to decipher exactly what the feck these Scots are on about sometimes, such was the thickness of his accent.

Barkles has hated the whole thing - he is no lover of driving wind and rain but I feel fully recharged. Which is just as well as I am off to Japan tomorrow for the launch of the Japanese BUBB, JUBBLIES.

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