Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More cash

Great news reaches me in Italy with the news that a consortium headed by Umbrellabuilders, which I chair, has been appointed to run yet another new fund. This one will provide cash for those in the construction industry to borrow to buy umbrellas and the government is quite right to plough £70m into Builderbuilders.

We still await confirmation on decisions regarding some other initiatives we have proposed including a fund for grants to old women to buy replacement brollies for the one they have left in the post office (Hildabuilders), one to provide loans and consultancy for Aussies who have just moved to London and need help buying their first gamp (Waltzingmatildabuilders) and a basket of financial support measures for children wanting umbrellas with colourful T characters on them (Bobthebuilderbuilders).

There was also some talk of a risque groundbreaking fund to explore the usage of brollies as sex toys but we couldn't think of a name for it.

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