Friday, 26 June 2009

What are we for?

Every so often you get an email that stops you in your tracks. That happened to me yesterday and reminded me of why BUBB is there and what our root purpose is.

Yes, we provide core services to members and play a key advocacy and policy development role in umbrellaland. But ultimately we are about boosting our own coffers and shouting a lot, which is why this email was so appropriate:

"Oh gracious Mr Bogg

I am the only child of that most imperious umbrella chieftain Bro' Ollie M'Brella. Most tragically he has met an untimely demise leaving behind a vast personal fortune of around $14million and his priceless collection of brollies. What I is seeking is a most trusted and respected person to take this off my hands and I am requiring your help in this matter. It will need no more on your part than depositing £23,000 in my offshore bank account to facilitate the paperwork. I know you will use this money to further the word of umbrellas throughout the lands, and would respect your confidentiality and lips sealed on this issue.

Greatest regards

Your most humble servant

Gampo M'brella"

What a stroke of luck. Hector has cautioned that it might be a scam but it comes from a yahoo email address and everything and I am sure it is the real deal. Just imagine...all that money. Think of the launches and taskforces we can set up with that.

On a different note it would be remiss of me not to comment on the other big current news. And I can think of no greater tribute to Michael Jackson than this. Great guy, great supporter of brollies.

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