Sunday, 14 June 2009

Straplines - what are they good for?

As I mentioned in a blog a couple of weeks ago, I have been doing some mindBoggling recently around BUBB's brand, values, mission statement etc. It seems one of our trustees got a book for their birthday about all this claptrap and is keen to waste everybody's time coming up with a new logo, image and strapline to explain more clearly what we do as an organisation.

The way I see it is that people already know exactly what BUBB does. BUBB makes no secret about it. People don't always know why BUBB does it but that is a different issue.

Anyway, the board have allocated a hefty wedge of budget for this exercise so rather than bother an expert I am going to ask my old oppo Donald Holding, at Feudal, to help out. Granted he knows nothing about branding but then his naive, ignorant approach may well be what is required.

I personally hate straplines and was shocked to discover they have their own trade body - the Strapline Association ("promoting pointless secondary lines of explanation after the principal statement since 1947").

But I have come up with a few that might work for BUBB. Hector wants to go with something dull but worthy such as "provider of shelter for shelter providers" but I think we should have something a bit more street.

"Putting the bro' into brollies."

Or how about:

"Putting the ergs into umbergamp."
"Putting the OK into spokes."


"Putting the mmmmmm into ummmmmmbrellas."

If anyone has any other ideas that Donald can present to the trustees and pass off as his own to justify his bill then use the comments facility below or email me at

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