Sunday, 28 February 2010

Subjugating earthly desires

"Ahh one of the bloody Oxford, naturally, Boggs" exclaimed the caretaker at Christ Church college when I rocked up there last night trying to to blag a place at some fancy dinner. I had just been to evensong where the Goddy bloke spoke of Lent and the need for us to "subjugate earthly desires to things spiritual". Quite right, excess is the root of all evil in this world and I reflected upon this as I got stuck into the champagne later.

It was a magnificent dinner and we got sloshed and romped in the dining room and sang rude songs in Latin. Then we went to another opulent room and guzzled more expensive drinks. By the end of the night I was subjugated out of my tree and quite unable to recognise the sheer hypocrisy once again of my words and actions, especially when so many beneficiaries of my members are unable to afford a decent umbrella.

Woke this morning feeling very tender but have changed my mind and have headed down to Brighton for the Tory Pre-Election Spin Festival. Well, Hector Rule lives in Brighton and I don't want him popping in and forming any crafty alliances in his pursuit of my job.

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