Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Je mal a la tete et ou est le camping

It was a tough choice. Either I could go to the premier umbrella social enterprise event in the UK, the place in which I live, work and assume to represent the views of many of its organisations, or go to something else happening overseas which has less direct relevance to my members.

Croakyvoice 10 was being held in Cardiff, while in Paris they were launching a new movement for onion-munching social entrepreneurs. So actually, when you weigh it up the choice was obvious. The relative benefits of Welsh cakes and croissants meant I was on Eurostar before you could say "inappropriate and self-serving event choice". Plus the French haven't yet had the pleasure of me patronising them about the Brolly Investment Bank.

As it was pouring with rain it was delightful to be in one of Europe's leading capitals. The same sentence could be used for Cardiff except the word "delightful" would need to be replaced by "a pain in the arse as the wind buggers your brolly up". My French isn't up to much and the bastards pretended not to understand when I spoke in English! The cheek eh?

Through the power of Twitter I was able to pretend I was in Wales and hopefully no one noticed. A new Social Enterprise Mark was launched that looked like a cheese ball someone couldn't finish colouring in cos their felt tip ran out. It costs £99 and if that isn't socially enterprising I don't know what is. I am always suspicious of such credibility badges even though I was offering genuine fake SE Marks for a knockdown price last night. (Incidentally, do children's wind assisted flying toys have kitemarks?)

But following a suggestion from prospective Sheffield Hallam Labour MP, Michael Fish, I am thinking that a similar accreditation for umbrella bodies might work. If you're BUBB you get it, if you ain't you don't.

The other suggestion that came out of the Twitter feed of the Welsh gathering was that you shouldn't say anything about someone on Twitter or in your blog that you wouldn't say to their face. Quite right - Carrington, Twirley, the rest of you - I am sorry for using social media as an avenue for cheap shots and I will tell you all that in person any time you like.


  1. Sir Fruity Metcalfe3 February 2010 at 11:31

    I say old boy, that is a tough call - The Frenchies or the Taffs - bloody Hobson's Choice if you ask me...

  2. Disillusioned umbrella sector worker4 February 2010 at 10:36

    A serious point here - how do you get away with such appalling behaviour? Does nobody challenge you on your lack of responsibility to the sector?
    Frankly I'm amazed that those that you purport to represent seem happy to let you treat the umbrella sector with such disdain and continue to work to your own agenda and, based on your trip to Paris, with your own benefit at the forefront of your mind rather than the wider sector...

  3. I'll deal with both of these in one go. Fruity, old chap, how are you? I see you are following me on Twitter. Let's get some banter going...

    Disillusioned worker - I know - astonishing isn't it, eh? What are the BUBB trustees thinking?