Saturday, 6 February 2010

Summit and nothing

What a week. Following my French soiree I have spent the week at a summit where IMPORTANT AND CLEVER PEOPLE have been talking a lot of sense on umbrella public service provision that will unfortunately not bcome reality because the theory is easier than the implementation. I am that buzzing with ideas that I haven't been able to get them down on my blog quick enough. Plus, I don't want Hubert knicking any of them. But one brainwave has struck after all of this mindBoggling that I will share. What better way to boost the umbrella sector than incentivised promotional marketing? Therefore I am launching BOGGOFF - Buy One Gamp, Get One For Free. It will revolutionise demand within the sector and is an idea that the big supermarkets could learn from if they want to offload surplus overpriced stock while conning the customer into thinking they are getting a bargain instead of twice as much of something they didn't need or want in the first place. You heard it here first.

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