Monday, 17 August 2009

Something and something else (that's the formula for blog post titles, ain't it?)

Irony is a wonderful thing but a bugger when it goes wrong. I have been a bit silent for a few days due to being imprisoned, again. My threatening a'blogging'n'a'tweeting towards Dylan Twirley at NAVCA about his campaign to stop umbrella organisations (for which read "me") running chokies aroused the interest of the Police.

Oh yes, Sting, Copeland, Summers were mustard about the whole issue and all over it like a dirty shirt once I sent my deputy Hector Rule (who contractually cannot say anything publicly without it being agreed with me to ensure we are "on message") to set up camp outside the house of Glenys Phelonn. She is ceo of the Bloke Who Used To Be In The Halifax Adverts League of Brolly Reform and has made some ridiculous comments complaining about our plans to run porridge houses.

Really you would think that being incarcerated for the THIRD time since starting this blog would teach me a lesson but no....this is either proof that punitive Justice doesn't work or of my desire to be some sort of genial Harry Grout figure.

I am now out on bail and have promised to behave better if umbrella bodies are allowed to run gaols. All of this does mean that I have not yet had chance to regale you with tales of my time at Oxford with various glittering figures who became despots or dictators but the terms of my bail mean I am not allowed to promote views that might be considered extreme.

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