Friday, 21 August 2009

Bogg waves his brolly in the air and takes the applause of the crowd as he posts his 100th blog

I've been in beautiful Blacbury for a few days - I have had my annual health check at our marvellous health centre. Not a bad result I'm glad to report. I must say I always find the question on units of alcohol a poser. One doesn't like to excite them too much so I plumped for a modest 95 - at which point she asked if I'd like a pamphlet. I didn't realise that the NHS had a grog catalogue and could organise home delivery so I said yes please. Overall I'm pleased with my health. It is obviously down to the wonderful Barkles who keeps me exercised when he takes me for a walk, usually straight down to one of our wonderful local hostelries!

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