Monday, 3 August 2009

Market forces

Pleasant weekend spent in Blacbury with Barkles. I did my monthly "big shop" at Lidl to stock up and also visited Blacbury's weekly farmer's market so I could pretend to care about proper food and fresh local produce by purchasing a token cheese. What was really interesting is that there was a new stall selling handmade, hand-reared organic umbrellas. Long gone are the days when the Guardian reading middle classes are happy with mass produced, factory made gamps. And the more discerning craft loving umbrella enthusiast can't get away with sealskin canopy and elephant tusk handle brollies these days apparently.

The ones on the market are made from hemp hand woven by druids and falafel. They are 125 per cent biodegradable and are so organic (at around 200 per cent) that they are actually dangerous. Too much goodness can be bad for you after all. But lovely pieces of kit and no mistake. I was going to purchase one but at £30 a throw thought "sod that". They may be handmade but that's no reason to rip people off, especially when I can get a perfectly good generic black foldaway for a fiver.

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